Sunday, October 28, 2007

To laugh to laugh to laugh....

Scientists had discovered that to give a good laugh it is a way to burn calories that do not have to be ignored. It can not be so efficient how much to make gymnastics or to leave to eat an ice cream, but American researchers had discovered that the ten 15 minutes of good outbursts of laughter can burn the calories of an average bar of chocolate. 7 pairs of friends of the masculine sex, 7 pairs of friends of the feminine sex and 21 pairs of both had been tested separately the sexos. " We do not count to which age the objective of the research because they could have forced laugh and a forced laugh is commanded by a different part of cérebro", he affirmed the head of the study, Maciej Buchowski. The room where they had been the participants of the research especially was drawn so that the scientists could measure which the amount of oxygen that the volunteers had inhaled and which the amount of exhaled carbon dioxide - model of measurement of burning of calories. The differences between the amount of oxygen and the dioxide of carbon before and during the laugh, allowed the researchers to calculate which laugh used more energy and which was the difference between them. "Eles had burnt 20% the calories more than when they had given outbursts of laughter of that when not deram", Buchowski said. This means that to laugh at ten the 15 minutes per day, it can emagrecer about 2 kilos per year, affirmed the researcher. Medical specialists say that this is not the best way to lose weight, but the idea deserves an outburst of laughter or two.

To give a good laugh can help to burn calories.